Exponential Layers

Bitcoin Lightning Network Explorer and Analytics

Exponential Layers offers Bitcoin lightning network analytics to help answer questions such as:

  • What is the total active capacity on the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

  • How many channels and nodes are active on the network?

  • How has Lightning Network data changed over time?

And also more specific node and channel requests such as:

  • What kind of fees and routing policies are in place for nodes on the network?

  • Where can I see my node and channel details?

  • Can I setup notifications for channel opens/closes to a node?

If these questions (or others) are things you have identified as challenges (or already have solutions for), please get in touch.

Getting Started

The Exponential Layers Lightning Network Explorer offers many options for analyzing the network. The following guides break down the network, from analytics as a whole, to node and channel specifics.

Lightning Network Concepts

Additional Resources

The Bitcoin and Lightning communities have made so many incredible resources available. These pages are an evolving list of helpful links, guides, open source projects, and resources:

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