Lightning Network Notifications

Creating and Managing Notification Rules

Notification Overview

Lightning Network Notifications offer a way to understand the ongoing changes in the lightning network. At any given point, the more than 18,000 lightning nodes can go offline (or come online), and new channels can be established, updated, or changed.

The Lightning Network explorer offers a snapshot into all of this data on a refreshed 20 minute interval, by syncing and performing analytics on the network graph.

With notifications, this insight is extended to show all of the changes for any given channel over time.

Did a channel's source or target node go offline or come back online?

Was a new channel established or closed?

The Exponential Layers Lightning Explorer offers functionality to create custom notifications for any channel update to any node(s) across the network. Gain better visibility into any channels opening or closing to/from your node, or research activity to/from other nodes on the lightning network.

Creating Notification Rules

Each user can create up to 2 channel rules (as of 6/20/2022). For additional quota, please get in touch. Creating a channel notification rule requires the following form and field to be completed:

Custom Notification Name: any memorable name that is helpful for you can be added to identify this notification an its intent.

Notification Action: Notifications currently can be created when a channel is opened, closed, or re-enabled, or disabled.

Peer Node 1 PubKey: Peer Node 1 is the first node of a channel, and is identified by public key.

Peer Node 2 PubKey: Peer Node 2 is the second node of a channel, and is identified by public key.

Delivery Mechanism: All notifications will be displayed in the Exponential Layers application regardless of option selected. If you choose to select the Email option, a single email with all notifications generated in a 20 minute interval will be sent to you, provided at least one notification was triggered within the interval.

Feedback, requests, or issues with notifications? Please reach out to

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